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Monday, December 7, 2009

La Cucina: The Regional Cooking of Italy

The Essential Source with 2,000 Authentic Recipes!

MMMMM.... MMMMM.... Good!

This book is an amazing resource for anyone who enjoys great Italian food. Want some Risotto with Clams? You got it! Maybe some Beef Braised in Barolo served with Mashed Potatoes? It's in this book! Perhaps you're a vegetarian or you have some vegetarian friends? No need to worry, La Cucina has you covered with their Sweet-N-Sour Braised Cabbage. And if cabbage isn't your thing, relax a second and consider the possibilities of Vegetable Pie from Valle D'Aosto. Just grab that cast-iron pan and let those veggies simmer 'til they melt in your mouth. Tasty, huh?

Well, you ain't seen nothing yet! There's more! Much more!!! For dessert you might enjoy a Jam-Filled Horseshoe Cookie. Or maybe you're full and you'd like to recline with a Barbajada from Lombardia -- a sweet drink served warm -- created by a Neapolitian theatrical impresario named Barbaja.

This book is out of control.

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