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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PRADA the Book

We know PRADA as the designers, and we for sure know PRADA the store, but now in front of me we have PRADA the book. It's an amazing document of a dynamic company. Miuccia Prada along with Patrizio Bertelli edited the book with beautiful book design by Michael Rock and Sung Joong Kim of New York City design firm 2x4.

Within this volume there are 3,885 thumbnail photos of Prada runaway shows since 1987. Also PRADA deals with its culture within their world as well as the "outside" world. As far as we know this book is only being sold in various PRADA shops, but we at Book Soup have (at this time) 8 copies for sale. Only $125! We may get more, but the book is a real hot item.

For those who are fascinated by the world of fashion and style, this book is a must for your library. Buy now or cry later!

(Click here to purchase PRADA)

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