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Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Drawing For Every Page of Moby Dick

Call him Matt Kish. Monomaniacal as Ahab, Matt is committing himself to illustrating every single page of Moby Dick.

Here's Ishmael:
And Queequeg:
And Ahab:

And the doomed Pequod:
Matt is currently up to page 98, that means there are 454 drawings left. Only! I'm looking forward to the analytical sections of the book, illustrations of the length of whale jaw bones, gallons of sperm, the girth of the great fish. Kish's choice to use "found" paper is one of my favorite parts of this project. The ball point pen illustration of the Pequod (above) is drawn on a schematic for a VHF tuner. Flipping through his blog you'll see paper found in historical sea-faring texts, children's books, random graphs, long lists of numbers. Combined with his colorful, somewhere between architectural and psychedelic drawings, you get a visual sense both of the depth of this great book, but also of its living, breathing imaginative force.

Enough of my blabbing. Go to the blog!

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